Night Tour Johannesburg & Soweto

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Soweto, Johannesburg

Today, depending on who you ask, Soweto’s total population was estimated at between one and four million residents. Official surveys state the population at just over a million, urban developers say at least one-and-a-half million commute from Soweto to Johannesburg each day; Soweto’s residents tend to place stock in much higher ‘unofficial’ figures of between three and four million.

You will stay in the vehicle for the majority of this tour. Get to see this amazing township from the comfort of the vehicle with your experienced Guide. To see Soweto of an evening is something you will never forget.


3 Hours

  • Dinner not included on this tour.

“I have watched you grow like fermented dough and now that you overflow the bowl, I’m witness to the panic you have wrought. You were an afterthought on the by-paths of highways and have lived like a foster child whose wayward ways have broken hearts”.

– Sipho Sepamla, ‘The Soweto I love’ (1977)


Vilakazi Street:  Is the place to go for traditional township fare with some great local restaurants.  Get to see this in the hussle and bussle of the evening when everyone has returned from a hard day at work.

View from the Top of Africa: If you want a bird’s-eye view of Johannesburg, the 50-storey Carlton Centre is the place to go, it’s the tallest building in Africa. Visitors to the centre can enjoy a panoramic view of the City of Gold from the Top of Africa, as the topmost floor of the building is known.

Shanty Town:   Drive through with locals in their own environment – these are our friends so no need to be nervous!

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