Lion Park and Elephant Sanctuary

Daily Tour 8 Hours Availability: 2008-01-02
Johannesburg, South Africa Johannesburg

Combine seeing elephants and Lions close up with this amazing day out!


8 Hours

  • Lunch is not included in this tour.



Guests have an opportunity to interact with some of the animals in the Cub World area which has a giraffe feeding platform that puts you at eye level with the tame resident giraffe creating a fun experience for all ages. Then there is the popular cub interaction which allows guests to touch the cubs and take photographs.

Facilities include a curio shop, restaurant, childrens playground, picnic and braai (barbecue) facilities.

Guests are guided on foot through The Elephant Sanctuary. Guides will provide in-depth information and insight into African elephants. You will be introduced to our elephants in the forest area, and here you will be able to touch and interact with the elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it.  Walk trunk-in-hand with the elephants. See the stables where the elephants sleep at night. Guests learn about elephant anatomy and are able to feed them. Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and bring your camera.

The Elephant Experience includes brushing the elephants down. Elephant Back Riding is an optional activity, offered additionally to the Interaction program. The different programs are listed below with summaries as to what to expect and the rates.

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